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Service Appointments

Kyle’s Bikes now offers scheduled service appointments at all three of our locations, allowing you to spend more time riding and less time waiting!

Appointments can be scheduled for Monday-Thursday, with a two-day turnaround time; for example, bikes scheduled for Monday will be returned by Wednesday.  

Please call or text your closest Kyle’s Bikes location for current open appointment dates.  One of our team members will chat with you about what services and parts your bike may need and provide a rough estimate on cost.  A day or two before your appointment we’ll text you a reminder of your appointment date.  

Bikes must be brought in by 12:00 noon on the scheduled appointment day for us to guarantee return within two days.

Bikes brought in after 12:00 may not be completed within two days.  If an appointment is missed entirely, we will need to reschedule for another day so as to honor other cyclists' appointment promises.

Upon check-in on appointment date, the bike will be thoroughly checked over to see if anything was missed over the phone or text that may potentially extend the return time, such as specialty service or parts that would need to be special ordered.  If this is the case, an updated appointment date will be provided with the option to bring your bike back on the new date or leave it with us.

Once your repair or tune-up is completed, you will receive a text message or phone call letting you know your bike is ready!

Payment will be accepted at time of pickup, and we’ll see you on the trails!

Call or text to schedule your bike service today.